Software from thewealthworks
for the Trust and Company
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All you need for managing offshore
trusts and companies

A powerful solution for fiduciary services and fund management

thewealthworks brings together all the essential key systems you will need to save time and money

It is dependable and trustworthy

Its database structure helps you to reduce risk and stay compliant with international regulatory obligations

It is detailed and accurate

The date driven and role based system will streamline and improve your business processes

Screenshots of some of the WealthWorks+ wealth management platform

Indispensable to client administrators, portfolio and fund managers

Simple, intuitive data capture

Incomparable provision of asset allocation and performance measurement

Expand your services by offering clients flexible reporting

Full multi-currency accounting and online ledger posting as standard


We needed a first class client relationship database, accounting, invoicing and billing along with electronic document storage all in one package. Troika ticks all these boxes.

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Take command of your offshore wealth management

You need unrivalled professionalism and long-term commitment to ongoing software development and support. thewealthworks offer a system with everything you could need as an offshore fiduciary, corporate and trustee service provider.

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From flexible fee calculations to definable risk management,
thewealthworks gives you complete power over all your offshore entities.

It uses an intuitive data entry system – you can maintain limitless amounts of client data within a single central database.
It gives you the power to define how you work – you stay in control.

You will find that administration and accounting for offshore entities
will get a whole lot easier when you let Troika do the hard work for you

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Straightforward data management, comprehensive control

thewealthworks gives you the tools to work more efficiently. With standard functionality to support a wide range of financial instruments, including all offshore trust types, all limited company structures and entities wherever incorporated, derivatives, EBT’s, family offices, Foundations, Limited Partnerships, PCC’s, REITS, SICAVs, and UCITS funds.

  • A user interface designed for ease of use with intuitive data capture supporting client administrative processes based on standard wizards for entity set-up.
  • An extensive range of standard reports with added flexibility to provide enhanced reporting through customisable variants.
  • A structure to automate the completion and submission of statutory returns for a range of international jurisdictions.
  • A multi-company, multi-funded, multi-currency and multi-manager based solution.
  • Fully integrated cross investment ledger posting for client and corporate transactions.
  • Fully automated and integrated corporate event processing to support a range of capital changes, mergers, de-mergers, acquisitions, share allocations, splits, conversions and spin offs, etc.
  • Full and automated distribution handling for dividends, interest calculations and allocations.

The flexibility and freedom to work the way you want to

The system offers extensive functional strength to support your fiduciary demands.

  • A flexible (and customisable) database allows creation and maintenance of user-defined and searchable fields.
  • Built-in profiling allows the user environment to be customised to a user’s needs.
  • System security is designed to allow control to field level and across multiple sites.
  • Pre-structured tasks delivers workflow capability for building automated business processes on a step or stage basis throughout the system.
  • Enhanced automation delivers the ability to build complex workflows linking multi-stage processes and sophisticated paperwork tracking.
  • The relational database is designed to control and manage relationships within the client life cycle from introduction through all subsequent associations.
  • In addition to basic in-built CRM functions the system can also support an interface to a Microsoft CRM package if required.

Work better for you: Work better for your clients

The system will improve your offshore administration and client service.

  • Standard administrative processes are designed to service all types of offshore companies and trusts from inception through daily operation to final disposal and liquidation. This includes transaction mechanisms covering time recording, billing accounts production and supporting functionality.
  • Corporate changes, new or replacement Directors and the like are maintained through a global replace function and retained in an audit trail.
  • Corporate personnel changes are held in the system until deleted and enquiries may be conducted into previous post holders on a discrete date basis.
  • Foundations and Limited Partnerships are included as standard as part of the system.
  • Integrated banking capability, including pooled accounts and standard fixed interest and deposit accounts with the ability to maintain multiple cash books in different currencies are integral to the wealth management capabilities within the system.
  • Applied interest rate structures can be table driven, linear, tiered or banded or combinations thereof.
  • Bank reconciliation routines make managing transactions and statements straightforward.

Essential functionality that’s got you covered

The system provides extensive standard processes.

  • Providing full share registers for unitised funds as well as trusts, companies and individual clients. In addition a separate register of Mortgages and Changes covering both single and linked entities.
  • An automated document view provides a facility for monitoring all documents sent to a client or contact.
  • Annual return and filing requirements are provided as standard for six leading offshore jurisdictions including the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.
  • In addition to a range of store room trackers the product can manage Wills and Codicils through a safe custody register.
  • Alerts can be set within the system for deadline dates conformance through a combination of diary and workflow functions.
  • Generate core documents within the daily work process and link them to a client, entity or selected process and then retrieve and inquire around them thereafter.

Tackle taxes with tenacity

Specialised VAT, CGT and Corporate Tax functions provided as standard.

  • The product is exceptionally well equipped with a wide range of VAT capabilities covering standard VAT rates for different countries but with the table driven ability to set and then change variable VAT rates to meet jurisdictionally divergent VAT functional requirements.
  • As required UK CGT calculations are available as standard, generated from standard accounting transactions.
  • If more specialised CGT solutions are required an interface to export data to calculate the required liability on any transaction and then export that element back to the system is available.

Manage time, manage money

thewealthworks provides unrivalled time recording functionality.

  • Time management functions are standard. They can be set up as user defined units, calculated from the basis of raw time, or with the ability to set up user definable rates for work types or job codes.
  • Time entries can be matter or account based. Fee types are flexible and extensive or can be set up as fixed fee or ad valorem. Fixed fees can be by type or set up as one universal charge per client.
  • Time entry can be blocked individually and reviewed centrally. Time or a fixed charge can be allocated pro rata across all clients for a common work type; differential rate scales can be set up to reflect variable seniority for the same type of work.
  • Simultaneous multi-time clocks can be run for any entity or client allowing allocation of administrators’ time across several clients at the same time.
  • Exceptional online start-stop-restart capability across multi-time clocks and clients.
  • Additional narrative available to attach to the work or job type when making Time entries.
  • Time charged can be switched off or an account can be set as inactive if required.
  • Employees profitability figures available as standard.

Reduce Risk: Reduce Worry

thewealthworks offer enhanced and customisable compliance.

  • The system is underpinned by a series of business process templates to facilitate swift implementation, including client on-boarding, KYC, company incorporations, trust establishment, powers of attorney, trust distributions, and share allocations.
  • On-boarding functions supporting investment approvals, deal tracking and orders are in the system as standard and enable users to establish investment exposure and risk across a group or groups of clients.
  • Standard system capability allows customised risk assessment reviews to be built around a range of internal compliance tasks and requirements to score and classify clients and their proposed business relationship.
  • Centrally manage compliance activities, associated document generation and related know-your-client analysis and reviews.
  • Simplify client due diligence through use of standard questionnaires or replace and add additional questions to tailor and customise the capability to your in-house or external regulatory requirements.
  • An expansive database provides a repository for all data structures essential to the ongoing maintenance and operation of any offshore company, trust or other entity type.
  • Troika can capture the classification and registration requirements for trusts and other structure types, as well as identifying specified US persons, crucial to FATCA reporting.
  • AEOI Reportable accounts can be maintained, for recording payments, balances and details of controlling persons to assist with CRS obligations.

Billing you can bank on

The system improves, yet simplifies bill production and distribution.

  • Bill production is flexible and user definable; bills may be produced for any chargeable item; for any entity, group of items for a single client, single or group items for groups of clients on any designated frequency and/or by jurisdiction as required.
  • Pre-defined or scheduled bills can be produced for a client or group of clients on a monthly, quarterly, semi annual or annual basis.
  • Disbursement recovery functions are standard including the ability to claim back as disbursements Jersey GST annual exemption charges or annual return charges for company fees.
  • A bill may also be generated without first passing through a draft stage to facilitate ad hoc bill requirements.
  • One omnibus invoice may be generated where a client requires single billing by more than one master billing entity.
  • Bill formats are user definable with the ability to choose and insert standard or custom narratives with remittance advice as required.
  • Bills may utilise multi billing addresses per client and the system can flag contested invoices.
  • Availability of automatic email and attached pdf bills directly for clients or administrators to distribute.
  • Bills can be sent to and lodged within a client portal or website.
  • Intercompany bill transfers are easy to process within the system.

Deliver accounts with power and precision

Customisable accounts produced at the press of a button!

  • A range of standard accounts templates are available to reflect differing requirements, including asset holding company, trading company, trust accounts with full capital and income split, private trust with single or multi-asset mix, and fund account reflecting different fund types or jurisdictional accounting variations.
  • Output can be customised with a style and form to suit your in-house requirements.
  • With user definable nominal ledgers accounts production flexibility is unrivalled.
  • Final account formats may be as variable in form as there are individual accounts to be produced.
  • Full notes to the accounts can be prepared and included in the final drafts.
  • If required exports and imports of data into or from MS Word and/or Excel are standard.
  • Transactions are editable and accounts period can be user defined or set by the system automatically.
  • Full audit trail capability is built in throughout the posting and production of final accounts.
  • Full multi-currency accounting has been built into the system from the very beginnings of the product and underpins the transaction posting process across all linked ledgers.
  • The system logs and monitors the status of each account set from draft through all approvals to final accounts preparation and distribution to the client.
  • Depending on user company requirements accounts periods can be left open or closed off as required through system period end controls.

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